IR witnesses increased equipment failure

In the April-June period of 2023-24, IR has recorded a significant increase in equipment failures. As per official data, instances of wagon and coach detachments, train parting and hot axle, breakdowns in overhead equipment (OHE) and signalling equipment were higher in April-June period of 2023-24 as compared the corresponding period in 2022-23. The national transporter recorded 16,458 instances of signal equipment failures across its zones during April-June period of 2023-24, 8.8 per cent higher as compared to that in the corresponding period in 2022-23 (15,129). During the said period in 2023-24, IR recorded 253 instances of train parting, 636 OHE failures and 3,759 cases of electric locomotive failures. Further, equipment failure in the newly built dedicated freight corridor (DFC) and passenger electric locomotives also poses serious concern. DFC has reported a steep rise in electric locomotive failures at 70 in April-June period of 2023-24, compared with 15 in April-June period of 2022-23.