“Cloud 3.0 will have a major impact”: Interview with ESDS Software Solution Limited’s Piyush Somani

Piyush Somani, chairman and managing director, ESDS Software Solution Limited

Together, cloud computing and data centres play a critical role in enabling the transition towards Industry 4.0. In this context, ESDS has been instrumental in delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to its stakeholders. In an interview with Indian Infrastructure, Piyush Somani, chairman and managing director, ESDS Software Solution Limited, discusses Cloud 3.0, cloud governance, the evolving data centre landscape, and ESDS’s key focus areas and strategies…

What is your view on the impact of Cloud 3.0 on the industry?

According to a recent report by Ken Research, the Indian cloud services market is expected to grow 29.6 per cent by 2027, reaching a total value of Rs 1.877 billion. With the growing demand for cloud services, Cloud 3.0 is poised to have a significant impact on the industry. Its advancements in cloud technology will enable businesses to run their applications and services on a global scale as well, without the need for expensive and complex IT infrastructure. In fact, the report also highlights that by 2027, over 90 per cent enterprises will have a multicloud or hybrid cloud strategy in place. With Cloud 3.0’s ability to introduce advancements in security and drive innovation and growth th­rough new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and block­chain, it is clear that it will revolutionise the way businesses operate and compete.

What are your views on the growth of the data centre industry in India? How does ESDS plan to drive the demand for data centres in the country?

I foresee a rapid surge in the expansion of In­dia’s data centre industry. This is being fuelled by rapid digitalisation and increasing adoption of cloud-based services ac­ross businesses of all scales, leading to an increased demand for data centre infrastructure in India. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the Indian data centre market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 9.9 per cent between 2021 and 2026, ultimately reaching a total value of $2.8 billion by the end of the projected period. This growth is being driven by fa­ctors such as the increasing adoption of cloud-based servi­ces, the growing need for data storage and processing capabilities, and the inc­reasing focus on digitalisation by businesses and the government.

ESDS Software Solution Limited is well eq­uipped to meet the data centre demand in India. We have been at the forefront of the Indian data centre industry, providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

To further drive the demand for data centres, ESDS plans to maintain its commitment to investing in research and development. Our goal is to bring the latest technology and innovation to the market. We are also dedicated to providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of our customers. We will continue to closely collaborate with them to understand their evolving needs and requirements. In addition, ESDS is focusing on promoting the adoption of sustainable and eco-friendly technologies in our data centre infrastructure. Over­all, I am positive about the gro­wth potential of India’s data centre industry, and I am confident that ESDS Soft­ware Solution Limited is well positioned to capitalise on this growth and drive demand for data centres in the country.

What measures do you take to establish stro­ng cloud governance? What are your thou­ghts on cloud and AI integration?

Establishing strong cloud governance is critical for ensuring the security, compliance and efficiency of cloud operations. To achieve this, we at ESDS have implemented a comprehensive cloud governa­nce framework that includes po­licies, procedures and tools for managing and monitoring cloud infrastructure and app­licati­ons. Our cloud governance framework is based on industry best practices and standards. We have established clear policies and procedu­res for cloud usage, access control, data protection and incident response. We also leverage ad­vanced tools and technologies for monitoring and managing cloud resources, such as cloud ma­nagement platforms, security information and event management systems, AI and ML to­ols for anomaly detection and predictive analytics.

Regarding the implementation of cloud and AI integration, we believe that this is a key trend in the cloud computing industry. By combining the power of cloud computing and AI, businesses can unlock new opportunities for innovation, efficiency and growth.

At ESDS Software Solution Limited, we have developed a range of cloud and AI solutions that enable our customers to harness the power of these technologies. We offer cloud-based AI platforms for ML, natural language processing and com­puter vision, as well as AI-powered tools for data analytics, automati­on and optimisation. We also provide con­sulting and advisory services to help our custo­mers design and implement effective cloud and AI strategies that align with their business goals and objectives.

As a SaaS provider, how do you ensure your clients’ security breach issues are avoided?

At ESDS Software Solution Limited, we take the security and confidentiality of our clients’ data very seriously. We have established a comprehensive security framewo­rk to ensure that our clients’ security br­each issues are avoided. We conduct re­gular security audits and vulnerability ass­essments to identify and address any po­tential security risks. Furthermore, we have implemented multiple layers of security controls, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and access control mechanisms to protect our clients’ data from unauthorised access or cyberattacks. In addition, we provide regular training and awareness programmes to our clients to help them understand the importance of security best practices and ensure that they are following the necessary protocols to keep their data secure. Our commitment to security governance is reflected in our adherence to various industry standards and regulations.

What are the current trends in IT infrastructure services?

The IT infrastructure services industry is witnessing several emerging trends that are shaping its future. One of the key tre­nds is the widespread adoption of cloud-based services, which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This technolo­gy provides businesses with several advantages such as scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness, making it a popular ch­o­ice for companies of all sizes. Another trend that is gaining traction is edge computing, which in­volves processing data closer to the source, ra­ther than sending it to a centralised location for processing. This technology is particularly useful for real-time processing or low-latency applications, such as smart factories, remote healthcare, and autonomous vehicles. Internet of th­ings (IoT) is another trend that is transforming IT infrastructure services.

Furthermore, there is an increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness in IT infrastructure services. Com­panies are actively looking for ways to re­duce their carbon footprint and this applies to IT infrastructure services as well. This has resulted in the development of more energy efficient data centres and the adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. We believe that by leveraging these trends, we can help our clients achieve their business go­als while also contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

What are your thoughts on Industry 4.0? Where do you think the cloud industry stands in this area?

Industry 4.0 is a transformative force that is revolutionising several industries with the integration of advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing and data analytics. At ESDS Software Solution Li­mited, we view Industry 4.0 as a significant opportunity for our customers to drive innovation and growth. Our cloud-based solutions are tailored to help businesses leverage ad­vanced technologies such as AI, ML and data analytics to gain real-time insights, improve decision-making and enhance customer en­ga­gement. Cloud platforms allow businesses to qui­ckly deploy and scale ad­vanced technologies such as AI and ML, driving innovation and im­proving efficiency. Furthermore, clo­ud computing offers enhanced security and reliability, whi­ch are crucial for Industry 4.0 applications that demand high availability and robust data protection. Overall, we believe that the cloud industry is strongly positioned to drive the Industry 4.0 transformation. We are committed to providing innovative cloud-based solutions that enable our customers to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0, driving growth and success in the digital age.

What are ESDS’s future plans in the Indian market? What will be the three key priorities for you?

ESDS Software Solution Limited is dedicated to expanding and innovating in the Indian market. Our future plans involve ex­panding our product and service offerings, as well as our customer base. To ac­hi­e­­ve our goals, we have established three key priorities. First, we will continue to invest heavily in research and development to create innovative and cutting-edge pro­ducts and solutions that address the ch­anging needs of our customers. Second, we will prioritise customer experience, re­cog­nising that exceptional customer servi­ce and support are crucial to our success. Lastly, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. We will continue to invest in energy efficient technologies, such as green data centres, and collaborate with customers who share our commitment to sustainability. We are enthusiastic ab­out the future and are eager to achieve our priorities to drive growth and success in the Indian market