Amit Agrawal: Chief Business Officer, Web Werks-Iron Mountain Data Centres

Amit Agrawal Chief Business Officer, Web WerksIron Mountain Data Centres

Amit Agrawal, chief business officer at Web Werks-Iron Mountain Data Cen­tres, started his career journey in 2000. Reflecting on those early days, he recollects, “When I started my career, internet infrastruc­tu­re in India was tightly regulated, and the concept of data centres was unheard of.”

Agrawal’s most cherished me­mory from his professional jo­urney was when early in his career (year 2000) he was given an opportunity to build a small data centre for an international client. “We took that challenge and delivered the project within the agreed time frame. This project not only helped us in understanding a new concept, but also boosted our morale and confidence.”

Agrawal is an industry veteran with experience spanning multiple te­c­h­nology domains. Prior to joining Web Werks-Iron Mo­un­tain Data Cen­tres, he spent over two decades in sales leadership roles, scaling business growth and facilitating business transformation by developing go-to-market strategies for revenue generation. In the past, he has worked with companies like Toshiba, Xa­n­sa, Tatanet, Reliance Communications’ data centre division, Dell, Cisco Systems and Yotta Infrastructure.

In his current role, Agrawal is responsible for business strategies, partnerships, marketing, monetisation, growth and the company’s expansion in India. He believes that data centre reliability, service affor­dability and growth are key factors in driving business growth. Accor­ding to him, the lack of digital infrastructure in certain cities, cybersecurity, complex regulations and bureaucratic processes, and data privacy are the four key challenges faced by the industry. However, he believes that digitalisation has brought forth new and emerging opportunities. “We are truly in the golden age of digitalisation with our country rapidly emerging as a major player in the digital space. The large and growing digital economy presents several opportunities for businesses and individuals,” he says. Within the telecom sector, he foresees the emergence of key trends such as the increased adoption of 5G use cases, IoT, edge computing and cloud technology.

Agrawal holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering along with an MBA in marketing management from Pune Uni­ver­sity. He has a flexible and adaptive management style, tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the organisation.

Agrawal is an avid reader, with a preference for technology-specific articles, historical events and biographies. His family comprises his wife, a homemaker, and their two sons.