IR registers record revenue in 2022-23

In a notable development, Indian Railways (IR) has registered a record revenue of Rs 2.40 trillion for 2022-23. This is an increase of nearly Rs 490 billion as compared to the revenue of 2021-22 reflecting a growth of 25 per cent. The freight revenue has grown by nearly 15 per cent to reach Rs 1.62 trillion. Meanwhile, the passenger segment registered revenue to the tune of Rs 633 billion, 61 per cent higher than the passenger revenue registered in 2021-22. Meanwhile, the operating ratio stood at 98.14 per cent. IR earned Rs 59.51 billion as other coaching revenue in 2022-23 as compared to Rs 48.99 billion during 2021-22, a hike of 21 per cent. Sundries revenue stood at Rs 84.40 billion during 2022-23 as compared to Rs 60.67 billion in 2021-22, 39 per cent higher than the last year.
During 2022-23, the gross revenue stood at Rs 2,398.03 billion compared to Rs 1,912.78 billion in 2021-22. Further, the gross traffic receipts stood at Rs 2,397.50 billion as compared to Rs 1,912.06 billion in 2021-22. Total railway expenditure during 2022-23 stood at Rs 2,373.75 billion as compared to Rs 2,063.91 billion in 2021-22. Apart from the above, Rs 1 trillion was invested in augmenting capacity of network. Meanwhile, 6,565 km of track were electrified with investment of Rs 66.57 billion. Focusing on safety highest priority, investments to the tune of Rs 118 billion were made under Rashtriya Rail Sanrakhsa Kosh during 2022-23 for various safety works.
Considering the need for renewal of ageing assets, government has provided Rs 100 billion and IR contributed Rs 18 billion from internal resources for upgradation of depreciated assets. Investment worth Rs 259.13 billion was made towards safety in strengthening tracks, bridges, grade separators etc. In rolling stock segment, wagon procurement increased by 77.6 per cent over 2021-22 to 22,747 wagons. Modern rolling stock worth Rs 442.91 billion was procured for better passenger comfort and augmenting railways loading capacity. During 2022-23, total gross budgetary support stood at Rs 1,592.44 billion as compared to Rs 1,175.07 billion during 21-22. The total capex stood at Rs 2,039.83 billion as compared to Rs 1,902.67 billion in 2021-22. After meeting all revenue expenditure, IR generated Rs 32 billion for capital investment from its internal resources.