Rs 31.13 billion allocated to MoCA in Union Budget 2023-24

In the Union Budget 2023-24, the government has allocated Rs 31.13 billion for the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which includes Rs 30.27 billion from revenue and Rs 0.87 billion from the capital. This is 70.82 per cent lower than the Rs 106.67 billion allocated in 2022-23. This year’s budget also includes outlays of Rs 0.74 billion and Rs 3.1 billion to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Se­cu­rity respectively, while Rs 12.44 billion in funding has been earmarked for the Regional Connectivity Scheme. Allocations to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) declined by about 24.62 per cent from Rs 45.74 billion in 2022-23 to Rs 34.48 billion in 2023-24. Moreover, the government aims to revive 50 additional airports, heliports, water-dromes and advanced landing grounds to improve regional air connectivity.