MoR receives Rs 2.4 trillion under Union Budget 2023-24

In the Union Budget 2023-24, the Ministry of Railway (MoR) has received an allocation of Rs 2,412.67 billion. The allocation is 48.64 per cent higher than the revised estimate of Rs 1,623.12 billion for 2022-23, and 71.88 per cent higher than the budget estimate of Rs 1,403.67 billion for that year. This capital outlay for the railways is the highest ever, and is meant to boost the order book of railway contractors and wagon manufacturers. Of the total allocation, Rs 375.81 billion has been allotted to rolling stock and Rs 41.98 billion to signalling and telecommunication. Further, Rs 318.50 billion has been allotted to new lines, Rs 46 billion to gauge conversion, Rs 307.49 billion to doubling works, Rs 172.96 billion to track renewals, and Rs 12.55 billion to bridges, tunnel works and approaches. The government has also proposed to manufacture 35 hydrogen fuel-based trains, 4,500 newly designed automobile carrier coaches with side entry, 5,000 Linke Hofmann Busch coaches and 58,000 wagons.