Center inaugurates and lays foundation stone of jetties, Uttar Pradesh 

The central government has inaugurated seven community jetties and laid the foundation stones for eight jetties on the river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. Jetties have been launched at Assi Ghat/Sant Ravidas Ghat, Kaithy and Ramnagar in Varanasi; Collector Ghat in Ghazipur; Shivpur and Ujiyar Ghat in Ballia; and Balua Ghat in Chandauli. The foundation stone for jetties have been laid at Raj Ghat in Varanasi; Chochakpur, Dungur­pur, Saidpur, Zamania and Steamer Ghat in Ghazipur; and Kanspur and Majhoua in Ballia. Further, the Inland Waterways Authority of India is developing/upgrading 62 small community jetties along the river Ganga, of which 15 are in Uttar Pradesh, 21 in Bihar, three in Jharkhand and 23 in West Bengal. Jetties are being developed on a 250 km stretch bet­ween Varanasi and Ballia.