Bentley Systems and Genesys Internatio­nal collaborate to provide 3D mapping capabilities for major cities across India

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, and Genesys International, a pioneer in advanced mapping and geospatial content services, announced that the Genesys 3D City Digital Twin Solution for Urban India – the first city digital twin project launched by any Indian company – will be powered by OpenCities 365, Bentley’s infrastructure digital twin solution for cities and campuses. This massive mapping and surveying project has begun and will capture most of urban India.

Genesys previously partnered with Bentley to successfully pilot an earlier digital twin solution that enabled the smart inventory management of telecom infrastructure using Bentley’s OpenTower iQ software. The robust solution pro­­vided operators with accurate and up-to-date information on planning and installing 5G towers, which saved time as well as the cost of conducting labour-intensive tower inspections.

“The Genesys 3D City Digital Twin Solution for Urban India, powered by Bentley’s Open­Citi­es 365, will enable us to create and curate city-scale digital twins that empower government and private entities across India to improve their execution, efficiency, and strategising capabilities using the 3D data,” said Sajid Malik, chairman and managing director at Genesys Inter­national. “This extraordinary solution enables capturing the as-built assets from the field and bringing them to the office in a reality model. We are impressed with the technical capabilities of Bentley’s digital cities portfolio and see it as a key differentiator that will help proactively improve our existing digital capabilities through a continued partnership between Bentley and Genesys International.”

Once a 3D digital twin for each of the cities is ready, engineering and application data layers can be added based on an end-user’s re­qu­i­re­ments. These 3D city digital twins will en­able local governments to improve public services, including urban governance, disaster ma­na­gement, emergency response, and tourism. Additionally, it will help governments deliver more resilient and sustainable environments for their citizens through enhanced urban de­ve­lopment, optimised road, rail, utility, and wa­ter network upgrades, location-based services, and other smart city initiatives. On the private corporate front, processes followed in verticals such as telecommunications and broadband infrastructure, city gas distribution, e-commer­ce, construction, autonomous navigation, re­ne­wable energy and various other verticals will be served and modernised by these 3D digital twins. The openness of Bentley applications provides Genesys further benefit becau­se the software can connect with other asset management systems, such as third-party geospatial information systems, to capture and read that data.

Kaushik Chakraborty, Bentley’s Vice Pre­sident, Regional Executive, Asia Pacific, said, “We are extremely happy to contribute to this massive mapping project of national importance with our technology and services. The 3D cities digital twin project will enable our pu­blic agencies, service providers, and citizens to deliver or avail of services, plan and execute projects, make informed decisions, and impro­ve their quality of life.”

Chakraborty added, “The initiative will also drive the adoption of digital technology in the infrastructure segment. The output from this project will serve as the foundation for initiatives that we can launch to sustain the economy and the environment.”