Webinar on Smart Water Supply Infrastructure

Webinar sponsored by: Bentley Systems

The mission of this webinar was to discuss the next steps and the way forward for AMRUT 2.0, highlight the emerging needs and requirements, analyse potential role of the private sector and the associated risks and challenges and assess the scope for the adoption of digital technology solutions to meet the mission objectives.

Panel Deliberated on:

1) What are the upcoming opportunities under AMRUT 2.0?

2)  What are the key steps required to achieve the objective of water security under the programme?

3)  What has been the private sector experience in the sector?

4)  What are some of the pain points and unresolved challenges?

5)  What are the new and advanced technologies being deployed by utilities for automation of operations and efficient water network management?

6)  What is the potential role and opportunities for the private sector?


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