Avinash Hiranandani: Global CEO and Managing Director, RenewSys India Private Limited

Global CEO and Managing Director, RenewSys India Private Limited

Avinash Hiranandani has nearly 30 years of diver­se work experience in in­dustries such as packaging, energy and engineering. He is currently global chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director (MD), RenewSys, the renewable energy arm of the ENPEE Group, which he has been a part of for over 20 years now.

He has worked in leadership roles across India and Africa and has led his team as MD in Nigeria and South Africa as well. He is also a founding member of the India-South Africa business forum in South Africa. Prior to joining the ENPEE Group, he worked in diverse positions at Larsen & Toubro and Wärtsilä.

“Quickly learning the dynamics of the Indian market, and then leading RenewSys to 20x revenue growth in a short span of time – that was truly exciting and gave a high of its own. Solar power has so much more potential in India and there’s much room to grow,” he says.

As the CEO of a leading solar module manufacturer in India, he is thankful to the government and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for supporting the industry through the pandemic and thereon. “The commitment shown to the Make in India vision is commendable and encourages all of us to strive harder,” he remarks.

Hiranandani believes that there is no standard management style that suits every occasion or team. “No two days are really the same, but each new challenge is also an opportunity to experiment, learn and grow. I feel energised to work with teams across the board, sharing purpose and responsibility,” he says. “We are at an exciting time with technology intersecting every avenue of our daily lives. The solar industry is also evolving rapidly. Among all these fast-paced  changes, I like to take one day at a time to savour work and home, without the pressure of elaborate goals,” he says.

A graduate in engineering, Hiranandani also has a postgraduate degree in marketing. He is committed to updating his skill set and has supplemented his education with frequent business training, in­cluding from the Columbia Business School, to enrich his outlook and experience.

An avid consumer of new-age digital content, he appreciates the creativity that some short formats have to offer. Instead of disconnecting from the digital world, he finds it refreshing to explore new perspectives and information.