Strata Geosystems

Pre-approval enables a shift into fast lane

Roads and highways play a vital role in the economic and social development of a nation. In fact, the km-age of existing paved roads in a country is frequently used as an index to ass­ess the extent of its progress.

India, with its vast land area of 3.29 million square km, offers immense challenges as well as opportunities in connecting its northern states to its southern tip and its east coast to its west coast. The rapid growth of the na­tional highways crisscrossing the mainland has thus far exceeded 151,000 km, as of March 2021. This country-wide highway network is entrusted to the National Highways Au­tho­rity of India (NHAI) for its development, maintenance and management.

Among the multitude of infrastructure co­m­pa­nies engaged in the engineering of roadways, a few stand out by virtue of their high performa­nce, quality and safety standards. Strata Geo­sys­­tems is one such player that has made a spe­­­cial mark in reinforced soil structures such as slopes, embankments and retaining walls – a crucial area of expertise in highway construction.

It is a matter of great pride that Strata Geo­­­systems has recently been pre-approved by NHAI as a supplier of geogrid (a geosynthetic product used in soil retention) as well as a contractor for RS Wall construction.

The company is a global leader in end-to-end geosynthetic solutions for reinforced soil structures, from design and innovation to ma­nufacture to full-scale construction services. It is a pioneer in India with a proven legacy and has successfully completed over 1,000 soil structures safely across the country. At present, Strata is also the largest geogrid manufacturer in India, with a production output of 35 million square metres per year.

Among the criteria for consideration by NHAI before granting this standing approval were Strata’s 15-year zero-failure track record in RS Wall development and 12 years of manufacturing geogrid. The pre-approval helps reduce the time taken for various sanctions and for document submissions to consulting engineers and authorities.

“The Indian road network has been developing at a rapid pace and our pre-approval will pave the way for further development of the economy. We, at Strata, are pleased to do our bit wholeheartedly in this development,” says Mujib Katrawala, chief operating officer of St­ra­ta Geosystems.

This prestigious pre-approval from NHAI is not only advantageous for Strata and the contractors who partner with Strata, but in its own way has implications for the nation’s progress as well.