Manoj Paul

Managing Director, GPX India

Manoj Paul, an IT and telecom sector veteran, is currently managing director of GPX India. He joined the company in 2014 and helped establish its data centre business in the Indian market. Paul is confident of capitalising on opportunities in the data centre space and is now looking forward to an eventful innings with Equinix, which recently acquired the company. He believes that Equinix will further strengthen GPX’s interconnection ecosystem, which will enable enterprise businesses of financial institutes and other verticals to reach out to more customers efficiently. Prior to GPX, Paul worked with Bharti Airtel for around 12 years, his last role being chief operating officer (B2B) for the western region. In the past, he has worked with Lucent Technologies (now Nokia), HCL Comnet and Avaya.

During his career of over 25 years, Paul has worked on many assignments. He recalls two in particular. “I was responsible for launching Airtel’s digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband service in 2003-04, which was, in fact, the first roll-out of DSL by a telco,” he says. He considers his current assignment with GPX as his dream journey. “Building the business several times during the past six years and achieving the distinction of being the only data centre service provider with Amazon Web Services, Google cloud and Oracle cloud dedicated direct connect services, four internet exchanges, and all major over-the-top providers and content delivery networks is remarkable. It is a great feeling to have contributed, even if a small bit, to facilitating the digital growth of India,” says Paul. About the telecom sector, his view is that it is slowly subliming into a scenario where revenue from content will predominate. He feels telcos will focus on the enterprise business and will look forward to selective growth in revenue from data centre infrastructure, intra-city fibre networks and data centre interconnect networks, all of which need investments.

Over the years, Paul has realised that an individual’s strategies need to change with the situation. “While every person has several weaknesses and strengths, one needs to focus on strengths, choose the battles well, and win them with the right planning and smart work,” he says. An electronics and telecommunications engineer, Paul also has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He loves music, particularly the songs of Kishore Kumar and Bryan Adams. He is also a big cricket enthusiast, and enjoys reading and exploring new destinations with his family. His wife, Nilanjana, is also an engineer and they have two children.


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