BPCL partners with Locusview to digitise its pipeline laying process

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has announced a new partnership with Locusview, an Israeli-American technology company specializing in Digital Construction Management (DCM) for utility capital projects, with over 20 of the largest US energy utilities already in production.

BPCL was searching for a solution to digitize its pipeline laying process for the Bina-Panki Pipeline Project, a 356 kilometer cross country multi-product pipeline from the Bina refinery in Madhya Pradesh to Panki, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Challenges stemmed from paper-based collection methods, which were time-consuming and the primary cause of pipeline commissioning delays and impaired GIS data that hindered the ability to easily locate asset defects long after pipes have been laid. BPCL also looked for a solution to enable real-time visibility of field activities. The company sought a technology platform to solve these difficulties by digitally and automatically capturing high accuracy data during construction, making them visible at the back-office in real time.

BPCL previously worked with other solutions which were limited and did not answer BPCL’s requirements, mainly the inability to see activities in the field. To achieve its goals, BPCL chose Locusview, a category leader in Digital Construction Management (DCM). Locusview had a proven track record of successful projects with leading gas companies in the United States, managing their entire network construction processes from planning to revenue and achieving increased data integrity, as well as significant cost and time savings.

Locusview worked closely with BPCL’s executive management and their consultants to build a comprehensive, custom workflow-driven data model, offering exceptional service with a digital solution. Locusview provided local support in a short turnaround time, and ensured a smooth transition from manual to digital work methods with on-site field crews.

BPCL was able to procure Locusview’s advanced technological solution with a competitive and convenient turnkey lease business model. This included hardware, software, managed services, and a 24-hour hardware replacement offering. BPCL field crews used the Locusview mobile application, high accuracy GPS receivers, and barcode scanners to capture accurate geolocation asset data during the pipeline laying process. Back office managers used the Locusview web tool to view and track the project and automate progress reports in real-time, automate pipe-book creation, and streamline material traceability, digital as-builting, and faster project closings together in a single solution, giving BPCL total transparency.

Replacing paper-based processes with a digital application improved data quality, helped ensure pipeline integrity, and significantly reduced delays. Throughout the partnership, both companies maintained a focus on three areas: transparency, digitalization, and accelerating processes.

BPCL’s H.R. Dash, Deputy GM Projects (Pipelines), coordinated efforts between the company’s field crew and the main office. “We set specific requirements and key tasks that needed to be done in a particular way. Locusview’s R&D team met all of our requirements. The system is adaptable to the customer’s needs, including real-time data on our assets. If there are any issues, they come to me directly and it saves me both time and cost.”

Speaking of accelerating project completion, Mr. Dash continued, “Our pipe-books need to be in top condition. Creating them used to take a lot of time. Now with Locusview, it’s seamless. Once a project is completed, the pipe book is automatically created and includes a monitoring tool. This definitely speeds up the process.”

Locusview’s International Business Development Manager Joe Benun oversaw the project on site. He noted, “We tested the Locusview solution on the Mumbai-Manmad Rerouting Project. Because our user-friendly mobile application was developed with field crews in mind, BPCL crew members were able to begin using it fairly quickly. We also provided an automated Pipebook and Daily Progress Report Dashboard for real-time insights in the field.”

An early adopter of technology, BPCL was ready to implement a change management approach. The company is continuing to focus on innovation and is leading the way for other utility companies in India.

Locusview Co-Founder and CEO Shahar Levi commented, “We’re proud to work with a strong leader in India’s gas industry. BPCL’s focus on sustainability, safety, and stability aligns with Locusview’s core values. What we’ve accomplished together this early on is just the start of what’s to come and we’re excited to make an even greater impact on the gas industry in India in the future.”

As the partnership continues into the future, both companies remain committed to the project’s success. Locusview hopes to continue providing long-term value by streamlining BPCL’s construction process, promoting data and pipeline integrity, and O&M excellence for years to come.