India to see $66 billion investment in gas infrastructure

India is expected to see a huge $66 billion investment in the development of gas infrastructure in the form of pipelines, city gas distribution networks and LNG regasification terminals. The investment comes in view of the government’s push for greater use of gas to cut down emissions. The government is aiming to raise the share of natural gas in its energy basket to 15 per cent by 2030 from the current 6.3 per cent. This will require the gas consumption to rise manyfold from the current 160 million metric standard cubic metres per day (mmscmd)-170 mmscmd. In order to achieve this, the LNG import capacity is being increased, new pipelines are being laid to transport the fuel, and city gas infrastructure is being expanded to take the fuel to users. Further, 14,700 km of gas pipelines are being added to the existing network of 16,800 km to form a national gas grid.