Tubacex – World Class Manufacturer with widest portfolio of Seamless Stainless Steel Tubular Solutions

Interview with Mr. Ajay Sambrani – Managing Director (Asia Pacific) Tubacex Group

 What are the kind of products and solutions being offered by Tubacex?

Tubacex group is global market leader in stainless seamless tubular products with one of largest capacities in the world. The Group has 15 factories across the global with sales operations spread in more than 80 countries. Tubacex is niche player developing tubular solutions for oil & gas, power generation for fossil and nuclear plants and various petrochemical and chemical applications. In addition to pipes and tubes the group offers comprehensive wide range of fittings for various applications. Tubacex Group has largest tubular applications under one roof namely under product segment category OCTG CRA, Subsea, Furnace Heaters, Heat exchangers, Piping solution for refineries, Nuclear tubing, Precision tubing, Pipe Fittings & Line pipes .

How has been your journey so far in the Indian market? What has been the experience with regard to the presence in various critical segments globally and in India?

Tubacex Group acquired majority stake of PrakashSteelage Ltd in 2015 for manufacturing of seamless tubes and pipes. Over the years the group has expanded the footprints in India by adding capacities in our Umergaon plant , installing  Asian headquarters in Mumbai and distribution centre in Kandla, Gujarat in India. The journey has been very satisfying, and the Group strongly believes that the India energy demand and the availability of competence and technology will help us to leverage both domestic supplies and also making an important hub for exports to Europe & USA market.

Tubacex is world market leader in Stainless Steel Seamless tubular solutions for niche segment like oil & gas, power generation and petrochemical applications. Globally, the oil & gas industry is continuously seeing a huge change in its value chain and also adapting new technologies and optimising cost structure. The oil is going deeper and getting sour naturally brings new challenges in developing material for higher pressure, temperature & corrosive environment  and at same time in power generation world , need for cleaner source driving innovation . Tubacex has been leading in developing critical applications in subsea, deep water applications and supporting tubular solutions for cleaner energy .In recent times  Tubacex has been developing new technology for better emission control in coal based power plant.

Tubacex can bring huge global experience to India in area of energy optimisation and the company is active number of flagship projects in India. We strongly believe that India will be one the energy consumer in the world, we will continue to work in bringing global technology for Indian energy needs for the future and at same with local footprint.

What are the key offerings from your manufacturing plant in India?

Tubacex group invested in stainless steel seamless tube & pipe plant in India in 2015, we offer complete solutions from Outer Diameter 6 mm to 8 inches of process pipes, heat exchanger tubing and hydraulic and instrumentation tubular solutions from the local unit. We will continue to invest in newer capacity and new products in near future.

What are some of the landmark developments witnessed in the past 2-3 years?

As articulated earlier, the energy needs will continue to grow in the world and same time the energy source is fast changing. Primary source will continue to be oil & gas and coal for next 5-6 years until a stable technology is developed in storing energy. We will see solar, wind & biomass will continue to grow in rapidly. Gas will be new driver in O&G segment. With all the changes happening in industry, Innovation will be the key in developing solutions which is sustainable but also cost effective.

What are your future plans and strategies?

Tubacex group believes that India will continue to grow and will continue to invest in India. The group is analysing different possibilities in bringing localised solutions under “Make in India” for Powergen sector and more important to nuclear sector. The group will focus on innovation and develop newer tubular solutions in this fast-changing world.


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