GHH’s new MK-42 dump truck wins Red Dot Product Design Award 2020

GHH’s MK-42 is a 42 tonne dump truck for underground mining, construction and tunnelling activities. It can carry up to 45 tonnes with the dump box ranging from 19 cubic metres to 24 cubic metres and has a rating of 460 kW. The truck boasts optimal traction and higher driving comfort, thanks to oscillating articulation and front axle suspension system. The MK-42 has a large ergonomic roll-over protection structure/falling-object protective structure certified safety cabin with high performance air-conditioning and air filtration. The pressurised cabin is noise and dust isolated with no high pressure hoses inside and includes a strategically placed trainer seat for on-the-job operator training.

GHH together with Studio HeikkiNaulapääOyhas developed the baseline methodology and design philosophy for the MK-42 based on which the GHH team developed the innovative, ergonomically designed, next-generation dump truck, thus setting the industry standard for future mining and construction products. It has been designed in collaboration with operators and miners in order to ensure the most fit-for-purpose product with best-in-class operator comfort and safety. The powerful and rugged product design lends itself not only to an extremely comfortable ride but also provides for high productivity while maintaining low operating costs. The truck is strong on the inside and through advanced industrial design, is also visually appealing on the outside with clear product colouring provided for maximum visibility in underground/tunnelling operations.

World-class design quality-The new MK-42 dump truck from GHH just won the Red Dot Award

About the Red Dot Award

Product design offers designers and manufacturers from all over the world a platform for assessing their products. In 2020, designers and companies from 60 countries entered more than 6,500 products in the competition. The international jury comprises experienced experts from different disciplines and has been convening for around 65 years in order to select the year’s best designs. The adjudication process lasts several days.The jurors test all the entries in order to assess not just the aesthetic but also the materials selected, level of craftsmanship, surface structure, ergonomics and functionality. After intensive discussions, they make a decision on the design quality of the products.

For further information, contact Mr Björn Hoffmann at +49 (0)521 – 260 2513; or; or Sara Thorley at +27 827711373 (direct phone) or +49 209 38907 0 (phone switchboard)

World-class design quality The new MK-42 dump truck from GHH just won the Red Dot Award



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