PAL’s Green Division to meet recycling needs

PAL is an Italian company which was founded in 1978. Its headquarters and main production unit are located in Ponte di Piave (Treviso). Green Division is a new department created by PAL for the production and development of technologies dedicated to the environment sector. PAL’s new production unit has been created in synergy with the PAL-IMAL Group for a more complete and structured offering.

The division has been created in response to the ever-increasing demands of recycling, and the urban and industrial waste treatment industry. The internationally acknowledged 40 years of leadership has allowed PAL to efficiently address waste treatment problems. The key domains of PAL’s Green Division are energy recovery and recycling of secondary raw materials. These services are provided in countries other than those in the European Union as well.

In addition to the know-how of energetic exploitation of biomass for energy production (for thermal andbiological processes), the company has the capability of producinghigh quality refuse-derived fuel for specific uses in cement production factories, thermal power stations, grate furnaces or fluidised bed furnaces.

PAL has new patents and technologies forthe selection and industrial reuse of recyclable materials (oven-ready glass, plastic and metals), and for the production of compost for agronomic uses. Besides, the company manufactures high-end products on the basis of its internationalexperience and production structure.

A research and development unit and an internal laboratory are key services offered to customers for carrying out tests on the materials to be processed. These services complete the profile of a reliable technological partner that is able to offer a complete service with turnkey solutions.


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