Ion Exchange: Leading the change in water and waste infrastructure projects

Ion Exchange assesses and develops innovative approaches to water- and environment-related challenges. In addition to industries, it focuses strongly on offering water and wastewater treatment solutions to institutions, communities, municipalities and realty. The company undertakes developmental projects for drinking water supply schemes and distribution systems, sewage treatment and disposal, seawater intake and desalination, and solid waste management including waste-to-energy (WtE) projects, for the much-needed integration of energy and the environment. With over 50 decades of experience, Ion Exchange is a leader in industrial water management and now leads the change in water and waste infrastructure projects.

Ion Exchange’s water and environment management solutions extend beyond the industrial sector to hotels, schools and colleges, hospitals, laboratories, railway and defence establishments, and residential and commercial establishments.

The company also reaches out to municipalities, public health engineering departments, water supply boards and sewerage boards for public water supply and sanitation projects.

The company also has disaster management units which are containerised water treatment systems especially designed to cater to emergency requirements such as floods, droughts, cyclones and earthquakes.


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