Globally proven Full-SCR BSVI After Treatment System platform from BHARATBENZ

The transition to BSVI emission norms may seem like entering a completely new realm of operations employing major overhauls to products. For us at BharatBenz, it was just about taking advantage of our global heritage. Having many years of superlative experience in Euro VI technology, Daimler’s BSVI equivalent products have been available in more than 40 countries since 2010. The BharatBenz Trucks and buses are powered by the OM926 engine and 4D34i.  The key differentiator in technology will be the after treatment systems used in the vehicles, we have leveraged Daimler’s global network of technological expertise to quickly and efficiently localize proven EURO6 technologies running in more than 1.4 million trucks and buses plying on the road, globally for use in the Indian market. BharatBenz trucks and buses draw their pedigree from these proven platforms, and are specially designed and built for India, bringing to the fore the highest levels of technological advancement, efficiency and reliability, while at the same time playing a relevant part in building a healthier environment.

Some Facts:

  • 1.4 million+ Daimler trucks and buses are on road with our EURO VI technology
  • 40+ countries with BSVI – equivalent norms where we are present globally
  • 50,00,000 Kms of cumulative testing done on Engine and ATS system before implementation
  • More than 9 years of solid experience in BSVI technology around the world

BharatBenz BS-VI engine and after-treatment system is built on the SCR based technology, which the brand pioneered since introduction of BS-IV in 2017. Superior reliability of the system has been achieved using the vast expertise that Daimler has mastered in SCR technology for decades and successfully sold hundreds of thousands of trucks and buses worldwide. The SCR based technology helps in much optimized combustion in the engine, there-by offering superior fuel economy. This technology also benefits engine with much cleaner operation and there-by resulting in longer life and reliability.

Some of the key highlights of the new ATS and Engine system include:

  • More than 80 child parts in the ATS enables ease of service
  • Optimized turbo charger for better fuel combustion
  • Increased engine bore size for efficient fuel burning
  • Sensors on the ATS for proactive maintenance
  • Unique DPF Filter with longer change interval
  • Diffuser design tail pipe for safe exhaust gas dispersion
  • Completely insulated engine and ATS system for complete safety

So, in totality, starting from the engine until the end of the pipe, we have made sure that the entire system is designed to give the best fuel efficiency, best reliability, superior safety and the best performance for our customers.


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