Views of Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India

Essentials for selecting appropriate equipment for road construction

Road construction is one of the fastest paced construction sectors today. In this scenario, selection of ideal road construction equipment is of utmost importance. Some of the factors which play a significant role in selection of such equipment include machine uptime, technical efficiency, long working hours, unit cost of production, spare parts availability, reliability and productivity. A system equipped with these features not only ensures timely completion of the project but also helps a customer in maintaining the optimum safety parameters. Understanding all these factors together help the customer/dealer make an informed decision and invest wisely.

Overview of the road construction equipment industry, the latest technology trends and the current business drivers

Over the past three years, the construction equipment (CE) segment has been growing at a rapid pace. Due to the huge pipeline of national and state highways, the road construction equipment industry has witnessed sufficient growth and will witness stable growth post elections. Moreover, technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced controlling have supported growth in the CE market.  Further, the CE rental and financing market has driven business demand.

Range of construction equipment offered by CASE

CASE India offers an entire range of construction equipment product line especially designed looking at the nature of the jobs.

It offers a range of compaction series equipped with best-in-class technologies. For asphalt applications, CASE India offers 752EX (9T Class – Powered by FPT Engine developing 76HP) Vibratory Tandem Compactor and 450DX Mini Tandem Compactor (3T Class – Powered by Mahindra Industrial Engine developing 45HP).

In soil compactors, CASE India has 1107EX (11 T Class – Powered by FPT Engine developing 100HP) available in three variants – Standard, Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum. The company has also recently launched 1110 EX- D Soil Compactor (12T Class – Powered by FPT engine developing 110HP) especially for mining applications. It is available in two variants – Drum Drive and Pad Foot Drum – and is equipped with a HVAC cabin catering to operator comfort and safety. CASE India also offers a range of Motor Graders and Crawler Dozers imported from Brazil. CASE 845B is suitable for road construction and 865B Motor Grader is suitable for mining applications. For Crawler Dozers, there are three models – 1150L and 1650L suitable for road construction and 2050M suitable for road as well as mining applications.

All these graders and dozers are equipped with the best-in-class fuel-efficient electronically controlled FPT Engine. Additionally, CASE India has SR130 Skid Steer loader, which is imported from the US (Rated operating load – 590 kg, equipped with ISM Engine developing 49HP) and is suitable to work in confined spaces for general construction applications.

Key demand drivers of selling of earthmoving equipment

The government’s focus has been on the roads and highways sector and we have seen significant development in this sector. Programmes such as Sagarmala and Bharatmala are a result of this attention. Growing demand from the infrastructure and real estate sectors and regular bidding of projects are some of the crucial drivers for selling earthmoving equipment.

Earthmoving equipment helps to ease road, highway and construction job works, and hence contribute to the infrastructure growth of the country.

An assessment of the current technologies used in India compared to the methodologies and equipment used in developed markets

Healthy growth and bright future prospects have inspired many industry players to invest in newer technologies in the CE sector. As a result, we can experience the use of technological advancements like Eagle eye Telematics, electronic engines, AI for manufacturing of equipment range and to enhance operational efficiency. CASE India adopts global standards, infusing the latest trends into its machines. Recent launches have several additional functionalities such as an advanced Eagle-eye-telematics solution which is a GPS-based system able to keep a track of the machine with the help of a unique feature called Geofencing. This exclusive SMS alert feature helps the user with controlled safety of the machine. Moreover, CASE India is also in constant practice of developing sensitized technologies such as IoT to self-detect the imminent need for repair, and this ultimately increases the uptime. Innovation and technological enhancement is a continuous process and there may be greater advancements in the time to come.