Jaipur Water Supply and Sewerage Board constituted

The Rajasthan government has formed the Jaipur Water Supply and Sewerage Board (JWSSB) for the management of water supply and sewerage services in urban areas of the city. JWSSB, an autonomous body, has been constituted under the JWSSB Ordinance, 2018. It will ensure water supply as per the standards stipulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the State Pollution Control Board or Rajasthan’s Public Health Engineering Department (PHED). JWSSB will be responsible for financing, designing, constructing, altering, repairing, operating and maintaining various water supply and sewerage schemes. It will also provide meters and carry out commercial services such as meter reading, billing and revenue collection. JWSSB will work in coordination with the existing agencies including the Jaipur Municipal Corporation, the Jaipur Development Authority, PHED, the Rajasthan Housing Board and the Rajasthan Urban Drinking Water, Sewerage and Infrastructure Corporation.


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