GENMA Mobile Harbor Cranes for India

Three units of GENMA Mobile Harbor Cranes delivered to Paradip Port

Recently, three units of mobile harbor cranes (MHCs) were delivered to Paradip Port in India from Rugao Port at Jiangsu. Paradip Port is now equipped with 15 berths, three single point moorings (SPM), one Ro-Ro Jetty, and a well-maintained approach and entrance channel having 17.1 metres minimum depth to handle a wide range of vessels up to a maximum LOA of 260 metres. The three machines will be the main members of the port machine fleet.

New structure and second-generation GHC series

The three units of MHCs are second-generation products. The structure has been updated from an H-shaped steel structure to a polygonal tower structure with anti-twist performance. Some of the additional benefits provided in the new GHC series are:

  1. Full-rotation chassis, less mobile space, more flexible.
  2. Automatic centering and self-aligning function of the spreader, resulting in higher efficiency and easier operation.
  3. Self-levelling system installed, makes automatic levelling of the entire machine available.
  4. Power room and engine room equipped with automatic fire suppression system to further ensure safety.
  5. Octahedral tower structure, which provides more stability, especially during grab operation.


The GENMA brand belongs to Rainbow Heavy Industries (RHI) and mainly provides material handling solutions. GENMA is also expanding in the bulk handling business. The main products provided by GENMA include mobile harbor cranes, pneumatic ship unloaders, bridge-type grab ship unloaders, scraper ship unloaders, chain bucket ship unloaders, mobile ship loaders, environmental hoppers, etc.

GENMA’s headquarters are located in Shanghai. The manufacture, technology and R&D centre is located in Nantong, China. Besides, we have set up sales and service contact offices in the main cities of Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

GENMA’s methodology is to help multi-industry clients benefit from its service: Our Specialty, Your Strength.

Pic 1: The project team with the triplets 

Pic 2: The second-generation GHC series

Local team and on-site service

Other than quality products, GENMA also takes after-sales service seriously. We hire and organise experienced local service teams that receive intensive training. They fully understand customer demand and ensure a quick and efficient response. Furthermore, on-site service as well as operator and maintenance personnel can be provided based on client need.

GENMA in India, GENMA Global

As part of the company’s aggressive growth plans and high expectations from the market, GENMA plans to expand its sales network to more countries, covering China, Asia (Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines), Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Guatemala, Columbia, Middle East (Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq), etc. We will set up sales offices in the key countries in order to get more involved in local projects.

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