Mumbai’s Gundavali-Bhandup Water Tunnel Project commissioned

The Maharashtra government has commissioned the Gundavali-Bhandup water tunnel project in Mumbai. Under the project, two water tunnels, 15.1 km in length, have been developed at a cost of Rs 28.87 billion. Under Phase I of the project, a 6.8 km long tunnel has been laid from Gundavali to Kapurbavdi, while under Phase II, an 8.3 km long tunnel has been laid from Kapurbavdi to the Bhandup Complex. These tunnels are expected to supply 4,000 mld of water from the Vaitarna and Tansa lakes to Bhandup for treatment. The capacities of the tunnels include provisions not only for existing supply but also for future supply from the Gargai and Pinjal dams.