Gandhi Automations Private Limited

Gandhi Automations Private Limited has designed aircraft hangar doors, both hoist-up and sliding, which offer remarkable advantages for versatility so as to be suitable for different size of aircraft. The company believes that optimum reliability and operational safety are important design principles. Therefore, the hangar doors are designed for tough environments and have extremely large openings.

Fabric hoist-up doors are electrically operated. These are specially designed for sites that do not have space on the side of door openings for it to slide. These doors obviate the need for heavy foundations under the doors for bottom tracks. The doors move up and down in an aluminum guide with brush seals. Moreover, they operate by lifting the bottom section upwards and stacking the intermediate sections one on top of the other. Further, the fabric is folded on both sides of the doors into pleats.

Besides, sliding aircraft hangar doors are recommended where no head room is available and side clearances are permitted. These types of doors can either be bi-parting or unidirectional with each section of the doors bottom-rolling and top-guided. Bottom-rolling hangar doors are an excellent application for any pre-engineered or custom-designed facility.  “Bottom-rolling” means that their weight is carried by a bottom rail and not by the building structure above. These doors are designed to withstand wind load criteria and protect the indoors from adverse weather conditions due to advanced sealing systems. Moreover, this system also maximises energy efficiency. Further, tail doors and integrated pedestrian doors without threshold can be incorporated on the doors.