Elesa+Ganter has enlarged its plug and lift product range. The new GN 1130 ball-type lifting pins make the handling of machine elements, production tools, heavy work pieces and other parts easier, quicker and safer. The lifting pins are self-securing and only need an appropriately dimensioned bore hole in the building member or a GN 1132 holding bush which is turned in permanently or, if required, countersunk.

Together with the lifting straps, chains or ropes attached to the drop-forged shackle of the lifting pin, this creates a highly compact lifting unit for quick and time saving slinging of loads to be lifted.

The ball-type lifting pin also incorporates safety in its functioning. Once turned into the bore hole or inserted into the compatible holding bush, the locking balls lock the pin and prevent a pullout. Further, pressing the red button secured with a bar unlocks the locking balls and allows the lifting pin to be removed at once. With appropriate dimensions, the lifting pins are capable of carrying heavy loads, as high as 480 kg, with a fivefold safety factor given against breakage. Proper alignment of the direction of tension under load is guaranteed as the shackle turns 180 degrees, and the lifting pin itself rotates 360 degrees in the holding bush.

These lifting pins are either made of manganese-phosphated steel or stainless steel and are therefore corrosion-resistant. Due to this all-metal construction, the lifting pins can be fully loaded even at temperatures as high as 250°C. The lifting pins and the holding bushes are CE certified and TÜV tested. The use of ball-type lifting pins is particularly advantageous in cases where elements need to be lifted or relocated often. The pins keep setting-up times and handling costs of work pieces, fixtures and tools to a minimum.