Leister Technologies

Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland, was founded in the year 1949 by Karl Leister, a visionary in the field of plastic welding. The Leister Group has its headquarters in Kägiswil and has a worldwide presence with sales and service centres in more than a hundred countries. Leister has been a world leader in plastics processing with hot-air and hot-wedge technologies for over 60 eventful years. Leister Technologies offers welding solutions in the fields of plastic fabrication, roofing, tunnelling, vinyl flooring, technical textile welding, etc. Tunnel geomembranes are utilised in surface mining or deep mining.

Once the concrete casing is complete, usually a plastic sealing system made from HD-PE, PP, PVC or TPO is used to provide protection from any penetrating moisture. The individual sheets are laid perpendicular to the direction of the tunnel. Lightweight and flexible welding machines are required for this “overhead welding”. Leister offers several suitable machines for this — TWINNY, COMET, and TRIAC DRIVE AT.

Details can be welded easily and ergonomically with hand extruders, hand welding tools and matching accessories. Leister Technologies offers various hot-wedge and combi-wedge machines for welding HD-PE, PP, PVC or TPO materials. Welding seam tensiometers improve safety. A broad spectrum of different hand extruders and hand welding tools completes the range. Leister Technologies India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Leister Technologies AG and is headquartered at Chennai with branch offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Bhopal.