Over 85 per cent of the land required for Western DFC acquired

Over 85 per cent of the land required for the Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (Western Corridor) has been acquired. Recently, CIDCO received Rs 6.08 billion from Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) to acquire 14.4 hectares of land for the project. DFCCIL requires about 32 hectares to build the portion of the freight corridor between JNPT and Panvel. As per the deal between CIDCO and DFCCIL, besides these 14.4 hectares, another 7 hectares of land belonging to the state government’s revenue department will be acquired from the state directly by DFCCIL at rates set down by the collector. The third lot of land of about 10 hectares is CIDCO’s land that has third-party interests (private entities using the land under various agreements with CIDCO) which will be acquired by DFCCIL under the Railways (Amendment) Act, 2008.