NHAI rolls out FASTag deployment

NHAI has rolled out a cashless payment mechanism (FASTag) at toll plazas on national highways. FASTag offers near-non-stop movement of vehicles through toll plazas and the convenience of cashless payment of toll fee with nationwide interoperable electronic toll collection (ETC) services. With a one-time fee of Rs 200, FASTag is operational at over 275 toll plazas on national highways across the country. The tag is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicle and employs radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from prepaid accounts linked to it. The central government has allowed NHAI to give a 10 per cent cash-back incentive to FASTag users on toll payments during 2016–17. In Phase I, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank will be the two participating banks, while in Phase II other banks and mobile wallet operators will join this endeavour. More toll points and points of sale will be added soon. The National Payments Corporation of India is building a national clearing house for the efficient handling of interoperability between banks, toll plaza operators, and other entities.