MoUD approves annual action plan for Karnataka under AMRUT

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has approved the SAAP worth Rs 12.58 billion for Karnataka under AMRUT for the current financial year. About 90 per cent of the funds will be utilised for undertaking water supply and sewerage projects in the mission cities of the state. Of the total investment, Rs 5.52 billion will be spent on water supply schemes, Rs 6.13 billion on sewerage projects, Rs 490 million on stormwater drainage projects and the remaining amount on urban transport projects. Moreover, the ministry has directed the urban local bodies to contribute about 30 per cent to 47 per cent of project costs and has asked the state government to increase its share in the total project costs.

The MoUD has also approved SAAP worth Rs 28.7 billion for Maharashtra, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh under AMRUT. The ministry has approved SAAP worth Rs 20.47 billion for Maharashtra, Rs 6.64 for Bihar and

Rs 1.59 billion for Himachal Pradesh. These states account for a total of 72 mission cities. As per the plans, Maharashtra will spend Rs 17.82 billion on water supply projects in 16 cities and Rs 2.23 billion on a sewerage project in Ulhasnagar. Similarly, Bihar will spend Rs 6.47 billion on water supply projects in 14 cities and Himachal Pradesh will spend Rs 420 million on water supply projects and Rs 370 million on undertaking projects aimed at expanding the sewerage network in the state.