NHAI upgrades road safety and digital enforcement with enhanced ATMS standards

The NHAI has unveiled standards and specifications for an upgraded advanced traffic management system (ATMS) for 2023. This initiative utilises the latest advancements in the artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enhance digital enforcement and safety measures on the road. The enhancements include the adoption of the video incident detection and enforcement system (VIDES), replacing the previous video incident detection systems (VIDS) cameras.
VIDES has the capability to identify 14 distinct traffic incidents, such as triple riding, helmet and seatbelt violations, wrong lane or direction driving, and more. These cameras will be installed at 10 km intervals along national highways, with advanced command and control centres established every 100 km to integrate various camera feeds. The traffic monitoring camera system (TMCS) will also see upgrades like stalled vehicle detection.
Furthermore, NHAI has introduced the development of digital highways by establishing integrated utility corridors along national highways for optic fiber cables (OFC) infrastructure. This will facilitate efficient communication between ATMS equipment and command & control centres, with provisions for future 5G-based communication as coverage expands.