Key Statistics: Rail safety and decarbonisation trends

Reduction in train accidents

  • The average number of consequential train accidents during the period 2004-14 was 171.1 per annum, compared to 70.9 per annum during the period 2014-23. The average number of train derailments during 2004-14 was 86.7 per annum, which reduced to 47.3 per annum during 2014-23.
  • The initiatives taken to improve safety in rail operations include electronic interlocking, interlocking of level crossings, automatic block signalling and deployment of Kavach.

Transition from diesel to electric locomotives

  • The production of diesel locomotives was ceased in March 2019, leading to a continuous decline in the number of diesel locomotives in the country.
  • Electric locomotive production grew around three times from 2000 to 2022.