Government is ready with the draft Act to set up Uttar Pradesh Inland Waterways Authority

Reportedly, the government is ready with the draft Act, under which Uttar Pradesh will set up its Inland Waterways Authority. The proposal to create the new body may get approval by the cabinet next week. The proposed authority, as per the draft Act, will comprise a full-time chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary and four directors from different fields like research and development, finance, administration etc. Besides, the transport commissioner will be the ex-officio chief executive officer of the body. The authority will be responsible for bringing uniformity in application of the law relating to inland waterways and navigation within the state, providing safety of navigation, protection of life and cargo, and prevention of pollution that may be caused by the use or navigation of inland vessels, to ensure transparency and accountability of administration of inland water transportation, to strengthen procedures governing the inland vessels, their construction, survey, registration, manning, navigation, among others.