NHAI launches two mobile applications to facilitate the availability of FASTags

NHAI has launched two mobile applications, MyFASTag and FASTag Partner to replace the earlier method of purchasing and recharging FASTags. MyFASTag is a consumer application whereby a consumer can purchase or recharge FASTags, keep track of transactions and apply for online grievance redressal. FASTag Partner is a merchant application whereby agencies like Common Services Centre, banking partners and vehicle dealers can sell FASTags. Further, this application can also be used to activate RFID tags that come built in in around 7.4 million cars in the country following the 2013 gazette notification in this regard. This application will convert these RFID tags into ETC tags (FASTag).

Meanwhile, all lanes of the 371 NHAI toll plazas in the country will become FASTag enabled in October 2017. One lane in every toll plaza will be a dedicated FASTag lane while the others will accept other forms of payment too.