Digitisation of manufacturing operations has become paramount to usher in the next era of connectivity in the CPG space. Manufacturers are looking to connect their factories to digitise operations and benefit from efficiencies, automation, and increased uptime. New and innovative solutions are being explored to establish network backbone within the factory. Big data and machine learning tools are also being used to visualise assets, workflows, and schedules to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and productivity.

The mission of the webinar is to enable enterprises in the CPG space to leverage cutting-edge technology solutions to take the next step in the digitisation journey and usher in automation to unlock new manufacturing capabilities.

The panel will address the following questions/topics:

  • What are the key challenges faced by CPG enterprises with respect to digitisation?
  • What is CPG 4.0? How can establishing a connected plant help achieve CPG 4.0?
  • What are some of the key technologies/solutions being used by the industry to build a connected plant?What are the emerging and innovative solutions in this regard?
  • How can the uncertainties and risks associated with building a connected plant be minimized?

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Ashima Gupta