This section covers the key trends and developments in the urban metro rail and bus rapid transit segments; current status of major projects; financings, and key issues and challenges.
Ministry of Urban Development, metro rail, BRT, network addition, policy, corridors, bidding, contracts awarded, approved, commissioned, signalling and telecommunication, fare collection, rolling stock

Rapid Strides
Pune Metro moving apace

May 2022

The Pune Metro Rail Project has finally seen the light of day, with the central government inaugurating two sections of the project in March 2022. The project has fa­c­ed several hurdles since the beginning. The […]

Moving On
Project implementation picks up despite Covid-19

August 2021

With more than one-third of India’s population living in urban areas, urban transportation has an indispensable role in daily mobility. The outbreak of the pandemic presented the urban transport sector with unprecedented challenges. It impacted promoters […]

Urban Connect

April 2020

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC), the erstwhile Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC), was constituted to implement, operate and maintain metro rail systems in various cities of Uttar Pradesh. UPMRC’s Lucknow metro rail project […]

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