Gaining Ground

October 2019

The adoption of digital and technology innovations can help in transforming key aspects of the mining process and unlocking the sector’s potential. Technologies and systems such as automation, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), […]

Changing Dynamics
Gradual shift towards digital mining

October 2018

Digital transformation and the adoption of smart technologies has become a priority agenda of every sector. Mining companies too, are slowly turning towards cost-effective digital and automated technologies for their mines to ensure high productivity […]

Raising Productivity
Urgent need to boost output

October 2016

Productivity in mining activity is measured chiefly by output per man shift (OMS) and this reflects how efficiently operations are carried out. The Indian mining sector is unfortunately characterised by rather low OMS levels. Though […]

Mining Techniques
Set to expand in scope and size

October 2016

In India, technology penetration in mine planning and operations continues to be lower than that in many leading economies. However, the country’s mining industry is heading towards a technology-driven optimisation process and envisages the use […]


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