Policy Headway
Progress under key government initiatives

July 2022

Over the years, the government has laun­ched various schemes and initiatives to bring more land under irrigation. In 1992, the government initiated micro-irrigation in the country and later launched the centrally sponsored scheme on micro-irrigation. […]

Fertilising Growth
Micro-irrigation scenario in India

June 2022

The irrigation sector is the largest consumer of water in the country. The current stress on the country’s finite water resources is worrisome. In response, micro-irrigation techniques, such as the drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, […]

Looking Ahead

June 2021

Over the past few years, the irrigation sector has gained traction, with greater focus on multipurpose irrigation projects and infrastructure creation through a number of government’s flagship programmes. Besides the government-increased investment in the irrigation sector, […]

Water Wise
Deployment of irrigation storage systems

June 2021

The concept of irrigation storage structure refers to a water storage system created by building tanks, cisterns, reservoirs and dams to hold enough water to meet irrigation demand while also minimising seepage and evaporation losses. […]

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